List of Events

List of Events (Doon International School)

7-Apr-21 Monday School Opens for new session
11-Apr-21 Saturday Kho-Kho(Girls)
13-Apr-21 Monday Art & craft Competition
16-Apr-21 Thursday English Story Writing Competition
17-Apr-21 Friday English Elocution (VI-VIII)
18-Apr-21 Saturday English Story Telling
1-May-21 Friday English Choir Competition
2-May-21 Saturday Solo Singing Competition
9-May-21 Saturday English and Hindi hand writing Competition
9-May-21 Saturday Mother's Day Celebration
16-May-21 Saturday Fashion Show (I-IV)
18-May-21 Monday Summer Vacations
6-Jul-21 Monday School Re-Opens
8-Jul-21 Wednesday English Elocution (I to V)
March .... Report Card Distribution
11-Jul-21 Saturday Chess Tournament Boys(IX-XII)
11-Jul-21 Saturday English Extempore (IX-XII)
13-14-July-21 Monday-Tuesday Chess Tournament Boys
17-Jul-21 Friday Hindi Choir Singing Competition
18-Jul-21 Saturday English Debate (IX-XII)
July ..... Magic Show
July ..... Water Day Celebration
25-Jul-21 Saturday Hindi Debate competition
31-Jul-21 Saturday Rakhi Making Competition
31-Jul to 1-Aug-21 Friday-Saturday Yoga
5-Aug-21 Saturday Hindi Elocution Competition
11-Aug-21 Tuesday Krishna Janmastami Celebration
15-Aug-21 Saturday Independence Day Celebration
17-18-Aug-2021 Monday Basket ball Tournament (Boys)
21-22-Aug-2021 Friday-saturday Table Tennis Open Tournament
24-25-Aug-21 Monday-Tuesday Foot Ball Championship
29-Aug-21 Saturday Quiz Competition
September .... I-Summative Exam
3-Oct-21 Saturday English Elocution (IX-XII)
10-Oct-21 Saturday English Debate (VI-VIII)
16-Oct-21 Friday Visit to places of worship (P.G. to V)
22-Oct-21 Thursday Dussehra Celebration
November .... Picnic
5-7-Nov-2021 Thursday-Saturday Basket ball Tournament (Girls)
6-7-Nov-2021 Friday-Saturday Cricket Tournament
6-7-Nov-2021 Friday-Saturday Skating
12-Nov-21 Thursday Diwali Celebration
28-Nov-21 Saturday Guru Nanak Jayanti Celebration
5-Dec-21 Saturday Hindi Declamation Competition
12-Dec-21 Saturday English Declamation Competition
24-Dec-21 Thursday Christmas Celebration
26-Jan-22 Tuesday Republic Day Celebration
15-Feb-22 Monday Basnt Panchmi Pooja
February .... Final Term Examination